Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert an image, video, or link to a file?
See the detailed instructions available here.
When I cut and paste from another application how can I change the style of the inserted text to match that of the Learning Element software?
There are two possible things to try. In the editor there is a button that looks like a pencil eraser and which shows "Remove formatting" when your mouse is over it. The first solution is to select the text you want to fix then click this button. The second possibility is to select the text you want to fix and then click on the 'Styles' drop-down list in the editor and select 'default.
Now what if I want to apply my own styles to my content?
We're still working on this. If you're experienced with HTML/CSS, then you can grab the HTML you get from showing your learning element on the web and attach your own stylesheet to it (as well as download and use ours if you like). We have some ideas about how to allow you to do this without leaving our software, but they're still in the thinking stages.